Think Ahead. Think Scholarships.

Event celebrating the past, leads to generous gift from Beth and Andy Burgess ’83 for the future at UCC.

Why we're thinking scholarships: Beth and Andy Burgess ’83

While at his 25th class reunion, Andy Burgess '83 reconnected with a respected former UCC classmate who he was surprised to learn was a scholarship recipient. It was a discovery that would inspire his decision to give back to his alma mater and invest in what he believes is a crucial part of the school's future.

"I had no idea he received tuition assistance," explains Burgess, chairman of UCC's board of governors. "He was a wonderful asset to our class when we were at UCC and now he is a doctor contributing to our community in even more meaningful ways.

"From the perspective of the school and broader society, that scholarship has had a positive impact on many people over many years. It helped me realize that providing continued access to UCC's excellent education for other future leaders and community builders like my classmate is a great way to give back to the school."

Now, Andy and wife Beth have made the "tough decision" to go public with a $1-million gift towards endowed scholarships for the Campaign for UCC in order to highlight the importance of this initiative and hopefully inspire others to make a gift of their own.

"Needs-based scholarships will ensure that the best and brightest can attend UCC independent of their family's financial means," he says. "By continuing to graduate promising and talented young men, the success of our school can be guaranteed for future generations."

"Everyone can see that fundraising for renovated classrooms and sports facilities has an immediate and tangible benefit for the UCC community," says Beth. "Over centuries, buildings may age, be torn down and rebuilt, but it's satisfying to know that our scholarship will last forever and educate generations of boys 200 years from today."

Beth and Andy Burgess