Think Ahead. Think Scholarships.

David Morgenstern's gift is funding a scholarship for Western Canadian boarders.

Why I'm thinking scholarships: David Morgenstern '90

A head start in life — that's how David Morgenstern ’90 describes a UCC education through the eyes of both a former boarder and now as a parent of two Prep boys. The Toronto-based Old Boy is a managing director at Accenture, enjoying a successful career that has seen him and his wife Caroline live in Europe and Asia. But as a kid who grew up in Alberta, his path to success wasn’t yet forged.

With a five-figure contribution towards the Alberta Scholarship Fund, which he co-founded with fellow Alberta boarder Craig King ’89, Morgenstern is passionate about securing a similar head start for boys from disparate regions and demographic groups across Canada.      

A UCC education is the best start a young man can have,” he says. “And if we can rally around creating sustainable funding for boarding scholarships, affordability and location should not hold back Canada’s best potential students from receiving such an opportunity.”

Ultimately, every Old Boy who donates to the campaign has a vision of establishing some sort of legacy and seeing it come to fruition.

“I know one day I’ll be walking through Wedd’s or Seaton’s and meeting a mix of boys from across Canada who are bringing the best of Canada to the school, and feeling fulfilled to know that may not have had that opportunity without targeted financial aid,” says Morgenstern.

David Morgenstern