Think Ahead. Think Scholarships.

UCC parents Martha Osler, Greg Hannon make a play for peak performers with a new scholarship

Why I'm thinking scholarships: Martha Osler and Greg Hannon

Windows of opportunity don’t stay open for long, especially for parents aiming to unlock their sons’ unique talents. So say Martha Osler and Greg Hannon, parents of Peter ’12.

“When your son graduates and goes off to college it is too late to have an impact on his development,” says Hannon, a partner at Oakmont Capital private investment. “If an activity he is interested in is offered at UCC, think of it as an opportunity to influence your son at a crucial moment in his development.”

Hannon and Osler originally witnessed how their own son flourished after playing peewee football in the North York district. They recognized how important team play was as a facet of character development and had donated funds to pay the program costs for those who couldn’t afford it otherwise.

When Peter was old enough to play football at UCC, Hannon asked head coach Dave Shaw how he and his wife could best help the program. Shaw suggested a scholarship fund which, similar to a handful of existing scholarships for UCC boys talented in specific academic subjects or the arts, could be directed to an incoming student with an interest in football.

Hannon and Osler are thrilled with the immediacy of their scholarship gift’s impact and the work it does to raise the performance bar for all.

“The boys that come to UCC on scholarships help make good performers much better,” Hannon says. “Whether it is a sport or debating team, band or drama, everyone experiences the excitement of performing at a higher level against better competition.”

For Osler and Hannon, a boy’s time on the field may be a short window of opportunity in one’s life journey, but its impact creates deep grooves in his character.

Osler-Hannon family