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Phil Lind ’61 gave $1 million to establish the Lind Family Art Fund.

Why I'm thinking faculty and programs: Phil Lind ’61

Great artists are made, not born — and inspiration is sparked by early immersion in an art-saturated environment. Hence, a $1-million gift from Phil Lind ’61. The vice-chair of Rogers Communications was no artist at UCC, but his son Jed ’97 is a Los Angeles–based multimedia artist. His father credits UCC’s “big tent policy” as a favourable breeding ground for Jed’s talent to emerge. 

“The beauty of UCC is that it didn’t peg him in one place,” says Lind. “A guy like Jed could win the art prize and still be captain of the rugby team.”

The Lind Family Art Fund will help future art stars cement their vision. The fund will support student trips to important exhibits such as the Venice Biennial as well as major art centres, including New York City and London, England. It will also serve to beef up UCC’s art book collection and fund art room renovations.

“Becoming an artist is a 10- to 20-year process,” says Lind. “We’re hoping to develop kids’ interest. Giving to support major programs at UCC is a fabulous thing to do — at any [donation] level — to create a lasting legacy.”

Phil Lind