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Stories of Support

Upper Canada College Launches Boarding Campaign

Upper Canada College’s boarding fundraising campaign to improve its facilities, enhance residential life, expand recruitment and increase needs-based scholarships was launched on Sept. 13, 2011.

UCC aims to firmly establish its boys’ boarding program as one of the best in the world and enable it to comfortably accommodate and educate boys from across Canada and around the globe. Housing a diverse group of boys, who can offer fresh perspectives in the classroom and socially, benefits both boarders and day students.

"Boarding isn't just a strategy at UCC,” says principal Jim Power. “It’s a part of the school's identity and, in order to make this program all that it was meant to be, we want to make boarding as accessible as possible to as many Canadian and international students as possible. It's all about giving extraordinary boys an extraordinary opportunity."
Upper Canada College
The boarding campaign’s goal is to raise $14 million, of which $12.9 million has already been raised from gifts ranging in value from five dollars to $1.5 million.

Significant funds will go towards renovating UCC’s two boarding residences, Seaton’s and Wedd’s, which haven’t been significantly updated since the 1930s. The remainder of the money will be earmarked for scholarships and bursaries to ensure more boys of exceptional ability have the chance to receive a UCC boarding education and to expand the range of after-school and weekend programs for boarders.

UCC has already increased its staffing so that each residence of 44 students now has two live-in senior house advisers rather than one, ensuring that each boarder gets more individual attention and that staff members have time to communicate with parents about their boy more frequently.

“As a kid from Huntsville, I learned a lot about life and responsibility as a boarder at UCC, and I’m committed to seeing it continue — better than ever — for other young men who have the privilege of experiencing this same opportunity,” says Blake Hutcheson ’80, chief executive officer of Oxford Properties and co-chair of UCC’s boarding campaign who made a gift in support of the renovations to the facilities. “If I can help, I’ll put my money and my time where my mouth is.”

The future of boarding at UCC was called into question in 2007, but overwhelming support by students, parents and alumni in favour of keeping the program alive convinced the College’s board of governors that it should continue — but only with a significant investment in both programs and facilities in order to keep pace with the rest of the internationally respected school’s offerings.

“There’s so much UCC has to offer, but without the boarding program the College wouldn’t have the international recognition as the Canadian hub of excellence in education that it enjoys today,” says Adam Markwell ’92, vice-president and investment advisor at CIBC Wood Gundy and co-chair of the boarding campaign.

“The students’ experiences at UCC are also more profound due to the perspective boys from more than 24 countries and across Canada bring to the school. I know I benefited greatly from the boarding program and I wouldn’t be the man I am today without it. That’s why I was among the many that fought so hard to keep the boarding legacy alive, but we’ll need significant support from our community to ensure it remains a strong and vital program for future students.”

That need for investment has led to this launch of the "Boarding Forever" campaign. A wide variety of recognition opportunities are open to contributors, including the naming of the program, residence complex, study rooms, lounges, scholarships and smaller items. A $1,000 gift allows donors to have personalized plaques installed in a residence room.

Here are some of the major contributors to the boarding campaign thus far:
  • Desirée and H. Michael Jebsen (parents of a boarding alumnus) of Hong Kong have committed $1.5 million to establish The Jebsen Family Scholarship for boarding students from western Europe.
  • Anonymous donors from Toronto have committed $1.3 million to establish a scholarship for students from rural Ontario.
  • William Wong ’82 of Hong Kong has committed $900,000 to strengthen The Edward Wong Scholarship for boarding students.
  • Hugh ’01, Max ’07, Kelly and Michael Meighen of Toronto have committed $700,000 to strengthen the Meighen Family Scholarship for boarding students from Quebec and New Brunswick.
  • An anonymous graduate from the United Kingdom has committed $500,000 in support of boarding facilities.
  • An anonymous donor has committed $430,000 to establish a scholarship for boarding students from western Canada.

Outdoor Classroom Takes Learning Outside

"The sun is shining. Why can’t we be outdoors?”

That was a common complaint heard in the spring and fall months from our boys. With the stone seating installed in early March, the Manget Outdoor Classroom has seldom been empty since.

The outdoor classroom was completed in May after months of work designing, constructing and landscaping. Thanks to the vision of benefactors Joe Manget and Christina Mauro-Manget, the boys now have a beautiful outdoor space in which to learn, study and just reflect in the sunshine.

The space is available to both the Prep and Upper Schools and for boys to eat lunch and spend time studying in this functional learning environment.

Upper Canada College

The Manget family at the opening of the Manget Outdoor Classrom in May 2010.
Designed to reflect the College’s green ethos, all of its elements are natural, local and native to the surrounding area. A debt of gratitude is owed not only to the Manget family but also to all faculty who sat as part of the original design charette, and especially to the grounds crew who worked tirelessly to see the classroom to completion. Located right outside the student centre, the classroom is another of UCC’s state-of-the-art facilities and will be used and enjoyed by our students for years to come.

First published in Old Times, Summer/Fall 2010

Birthday Boy and UCC Boys Both Receive Gifts

William Rosenfeld’s 75th birthday party was a highly festive occasion, as more than 100 family members and friends gathered in a downtown Toronto venue to toast the man of the hour on Jan. 29.

But it's not just warm memories of the evening that will linger. Thanks to the generosity of the Rosenfeld family and their friends, Upper Canada College also benefited from the occasion in a very positive fashion.

"When we threw the party for my father, we knew we weren't going to do gifts, but rather donate to a cause,” says William’s son, Max Rosenfeld ‘99. “We had a family discussion as to what the cause would be. UCC was one of the first things mentioned and the one we decided to go with.”
Upper Canada College

William Rosenfeld ‘53, Josh Samuel ‘85, Max Rosenfeld ‘99 and Harry Samuel ‘84 celebrate William’s 75th birthday
"We thought it'd be a suitable thing to do, as our family has a multi-generational commitment to the school,” adds William, who served on UCC’s board of governors from 1989 to 1999. “My father attended, as well as my son and nephews (Harry and Josh Samuel), and I was at the College from 1948 to 1953."

The Rosenfeld attachment to UCC began with William's father, Joseph Rosenfeld, who graduated in 1921.

"My grandfather's family came to this country at the beginning of the century,” explains Max. “He was able to get a very good education there as a boarder, and that was hugely influential in his life. It set him on a path to higher education that was so important for us."

The family established The Joseph Rosenfeld Scholarship Fund to recognize that legacy in 1995.
"We set it up while my grandfather was still alive so he could appreciate the tribute," says Max. "He was in attendance at the Founder’s Dinner at which it was announced."

The family is justifiably proud of the impact that the scholarship fund has made. "To have a scholarship that grants the same access to other people in the same situation as my grandfather nearly 100 years later is an amazing thing," says Max.

Donations to the fund made in honour of William's birthday totalled $3,650, and the family is thrilled with the results.

"I think birthday celebrations and these kinds of events are a great opportunity for what I call easy philanthropy," says Max. "It doesn't take much effort. We sent out paper invitations for the party saying, 'In lieu of gifts, please consider a donation to the Joseph Rosenfeld Scholarship Fund at Upper Canada College.'

“Email contact information for Carly Ely at UCC was included, so donors could contact the College directly. The school helped make it a very easy process."

If you’d like to do something similar, please contact Carly Ely at 416-488-4125, ext. 2233 or

Written by Kerry Doole
First published in Old Times, Summer/Fall 2011

PPO-Funded Entrances Make Parkin Building More Welcoming

The June 22 official ribbon-cutting opening of UCC’s Prep School Parkin Building’s entrances capped off another productive and fun year for the Prep Parents’ Organization (PPO).

The PPO’s “wish list” initiative for this year was to refurbish the south entrance of The Parkin Building with a mural, but enough money was raised that painting a second mural at the north entrance was also possible.

“This has worked well because there is now a flow between the two spaces, with the south entrance having a more formal feel while the north sports entrance has a fun sports theme,” said PPO chair Jill Adolphe. “We worked in close partnership with the school’s Chantal Kenny, Nigel White, Mark Baxter, Dave Bullock and Allan Smith to ensure we were creating the right atmosphere for each space.”
Upper Canada College

Members of the PPO at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Parkin Building entrance
A videographer was hired to do a time-lapse video of the painting process, which brought the cost for the two entrances to $15,000.

“I think these two entrances provide warm and welcoming entrances to the school for the boys as well as visitors,” added Adolphe. “The sports entrance highlights the values and principles the school honours, specifically with respect to athletics, while the south entrance highlights the values and principles the school honours overall with respect to academics and life.”

The PPO’s successful fundraising efforts also allowed it to contribute $25,000 towards the new Prep locker replacement and locker room refurbishment project that took place over the summer. “Along with our usual events, including Festive Marketplace, bake sales, used uniform sales, community service events, grandparents’ days, new parent welcome events, nutrition, grad memorabilia and frame sales, used textbook and musical instrument sales, green school activities, as well as specific grade events for the boys, the PPO undertook several new initiatives this year,” said Adolphe.

“These included the ‘Blue Ties’ father-son breakfast, the speakers' series with guest speakers for the whole school community, freezie sales and a uniform labelling initiative. The school was very supportive of these new PPO initiatives and they all proved to be very successful.”
First published in Old Times, Summer/Fall 2011

Meet The Businessman Who Donated To A Community He Considers Family

Ties that bind span families and classmates alike. That’s why Kenneth Lo, one of Asia’s top businessmen, is donating $250,000 to a community he considers family.

“The alumni of UCC become like a family, and family members help each other," says Lo. "That’s the way it should be.”

The founder and chairman of the Crystal Group in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s top five garment manufacturers, sees himself as part of that extended family.

His son Howard ’97's experiences as a boarding student, along with his evaluation of UCC as a high-calibre educational institution offering the International Baccalaureate, caused Kenneth Lo to establish the endowed Kenneth Lo Family Scholarship in 1994 for hard-working and talented students, day or boarding, with financial need. He recently made a $250,000 donation to it.

Howard himself was an excellent student, also involved on the UCC badminton team and in computer and science clubs. He won the Silver Community Service Pin and, after graduation, continued his studies at the University of Toronto, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2001. Howard is now a senior manager in the family business.

His father has taken note of many facets of UCC, as a fond parent might: the effort put into student recruitment and alumni outreach internationally; the professionalism of College staff; and the approach to critical thinking and innovation, coupled with a caring and loving environment provided to boarding students.


Kenneth Lo

Howard Lo ‘97
“Our family business has some 35,000 employees in eight locations,” says Lo. “Performance is something we must always be aware of, and I see what UCC is striving for in encouraging boys to become independent thinkers and leaders.”

As a parent, volunteer and donor, Lo himself demonstrates the kind of leadership, generosity and wisdom that expresses itself simply and directly:

“I don’t give my children advice unless they ask for it. But for UCC, I think we who can should help the school. School fees alone can’t support UCC and its students into the future.”

First published in Old Times, Winter/Spring 2011


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