Think Ahead. Think Faculty & Programs.

We will invest in the recruitment and training of the next generation of outstanding UCC teachers, as well as develop innovative educational programs centred on our boys’ unique learning needs.

Support our great faculty, because we all remember the one great teacher (or more) who went the extra mile, believed in you and helped you find your hidden talent. Offer our boys the big learning opportunities on campus and beyond. They’ll thank you later. Help UCC teachers hone their skills and stay on top of best practices, while nurturing the next generation of outstanding teachers. Invest in new and innovative programs to nurture creativity, community and character.

Goal: $20 million.
What makes a UCC education different from all others? We believe that the answer is the high quality of our faculty and the broad range of learning opportunities we can offer students. The Think Ahead Campaign will ensure that we can recruit and train the next generations of outstanding UCC teachers, as well as developing innovative educational programs, centred on our boys’ unique needs.

How I’m thinking: Faculty and Programs
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Phil Lind Phil Lind '61
An Old Boy and parent of an Old Boy invests in the next generations of great UCC artists.
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