Think Ahead. Think Scholarships.

We will build an enduring needs-based scholarship program that will draw top students from far and wide. We aspire to offer 20 per cent of our students – or approximately 220 boys – full or partial scholarships by 2015-2016.

Support students whose families may not be able to afford the full cost of UCC education. Invest in the boys – our change-makers of tomorrow – and help them discover, reach and surpass their potential. Enrich the UCC experience for every boy by bringing top students with a broad range of perspectives and backgrounds to the school. Help UCC stand among the world’s top schools. Our goal is to have 20% of students on scholarships.

Goal: $50 million.
Boys of promise come from every background. But only two per cent of Canadian families can afford the cost of a quality independent school education for their sons. UCC will build an enduring needs-based scholarship program so that at least 220 boys can be offered full or partial scholarships by 2015-2016.

How I’m thinking: Scholarships
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Andy and Beth Burgess Andy '83 and Beth Burgess
An Old Boy and parents of two students create a scholarship that will change lives and the College forever.
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David Morgenstern

David Morgenstern '90
Old Boy makes UCC boarding accessible to boys from Western Canada with a new endowed scholarship.
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   Osler-Hannon family

Martha Osler and Greg Hannon
Parents make a play for top performers with new scholarship.
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