Travel, Events & Receptions

UCC representatives travel throughout the year to meet with prospective candidates, alumni and friends of the College. Below is a list of planned travel, events and receptions for 2013-2014*:

Fall 2013

September 14: Toronto, Ontario Science Centre
September 19: London, Ontario
September 30 & 31: Montreal, Quebec
October 2: Halifax, Nova Scotia
October 7: Toronto, Havergal College
October 15: Toronto, Sterling Hall School
October 24 & 25: Toronto, Upper Canada College Open Houses
October 26: Toronto, Roy Thomson Hall

October 9-10: Bermuda
October 16-21: India
October 17-20: Boston, USA
October 22-27: Saudi Arabia
October 27-30: United Arab Emirates
October 31-Nov 1: China
November 2-4: Hong Kong
November 4-8: Vietnam
November 7-9: London, UK
November 9-10: Thailand
November 10-12: Budapest, Hungary
November 28-Dec 2: Mexico

*Please note that travel dates are subject to change and are provided for purposes of connecting prospective families with an Admission representative while they are in a particular city, region or country.

To confirm dates or learn more about where and when we're traveling this year, please contact Tricia Rankin at or 416-488-1125, ext. 2221.