Boarding Life

"I like living in a tight community of students with different backgrounds. We develop a sense of camaraderie that is special. In boarding, friends grow to be family."
Jordan Hamilton '10

Sure, it’s an adjustment at first, but all great things are. And it’s worth it. Why?

Because you develop independence, time management skills and confidence. That’s what gives you the edge in university. Our boarders cultivate those talents before they graduate high school. And they always come back and say the same thing. "It put us ahead of the game."

A typical evening includes a meal, study time and house meetings. After-school activities might include a work-out in our fully-equipped training studio or playing videogames with housemates.

Weekends are a time to have fun and there are tons of options in a city as big and diverse as Toronto. They include:

  • orientation program for new students at UCC’s Norval Outdoor School, our private nature sanctuary outside Toronto
  • outings throughout Toronto using its convenient transit system
  • visits to Canada’s Wonderland


Other possible planned activities include:

  • bike tours
  • rock climbing
  • live theatre
  • winter ski program
  • outings to professional baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer games