Financial Assistance

Upper Canada College is committed to attracting the very best students. For the 2013 entry year, UCC offered more than $3.7 million in partial and full financial assistance to talented boys from across Canada and internationally. More than $3.7 million is once again earmarked for financial assistance this year, and the number keeps growing. By 2015, the population of deserving boys receiving financial assistance at UCC will have risen from 15 to 20 per cent. Read more about how the Think Ahead campaign is helping make this possible.



Who is eligible for financial assistance?
Eligibility is based on family need as determined by Apple Financial Services. Less than two per cent of Canadian families can afford the full cost of attending UCC. We encourage all candidates from Grade 5 and above to consider applying for financial assistance. Assistance is available to eligible families of both new and returning students. Amounts are re-assessed and allocated yearly based on family need.

What financial assistance is available?
Ninety-seven per cent of financial assistance is offered to high-achieving, all-round boys on the basis of family need. There are funds that provide assistance for students from across Canada, as well as a limited number for boys from the United States, northern and central Europe. Others have additional eligibility criteria such as an interest in arts, athletics or science.

How do we apply?
Candidates wishing to apply for financial assistance must complete and submit the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application form that's available via the Apple Financial Services website. All new student applications must be completed no later than Dec. 31, 2013 to be considered for financial aid for the 2014-2015 academic year. Returning families must apply by Nov. 22, 2013. Please contact Colleen Papulkas at 416-488-1125, ext. 2250 if you have any questions regarding the completion of the application.

How is family need calculated?
FACS makes recommendations to UCC based on the information provided by you in the Parents' Financial Statement. This includes, but isn't limited to: the parents/guardians' net income (after taxes and other deductions); assets and liabilities; and information about dependents and expenditures. The computation is based on a process of analysis developed by a standing committee of experienced financial aid officers. It measures what's possible, though not necessarily comfortable, for a family to contribute toward educational expenses. Schools assume that parents, to the extent that they're able, will bear the primary responsibility for financing their children's education — sometimes at the expense of other discretionary expenditures.

How are decisions made?
While FACS provides the financial analysis, it's important to understand that the estimated parental contribution determined in the report is only a recommendation to UCC. The College's financial assistance review committee makes all decisions about the actual amounts of assistance offered. Applications for financial assistance are reviewed independently from admission applications.

When are decisions made?
The financial assistance review committee meets frequently during the winter term to review FACS recommendations and determine assistance allocation. Financial assistance decisions are sent with admission offers.

Tips for Applicants


Be prepared
Review the FACS requirements and gather the information you need (copies of tax returns and other documentation, including any previous applications) before completing the forms. Apple Financial Services provides an FAQ to help answer any preliminary questions.

Allow plenty of time
Financial assistance applications can seem overwhelming. Plan to spend more than one sitting to complete the forms. Don't wait until the last minute to apply. Mistakes could adversely affect your application and are difficult to rectify.

Fill out the form completely
An incomplete form will cause a delay in receiving a decision. Meet all deadlines and even submit the application early if possible. Don't forget to hit "Submit" and receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

Communicate with us
Don't hesitate to contact the school with any questions. Communicate any special circumstances in email. There may be family considerations that don't translate well in numbers.


Apple Financial Services

Financial assistance applications for 2014 entry are now closed for all day applications. For boarding application information, please contact David McBride at 416-488-1125, ext. 2220 or


Scholarship Profiles

"I am so fortunate to be a UCC graduate and I recognize how much I owe to the people who funded the bursaries I received. It is only because of donors who support financial assistance that I was able to experience this opportunity of a lifetime. One day I hope to be in a position where I can provide talented, ambitious students from backgrounds similar to my own the same chance to make UCC their home."

- Marco Cianflone '09
2008/09 Head Steward
Scholarship Recipient

“Without the support of the Ely Bursary, I never would have had the chance to study at UCC nor would I have had the opportunity to discover rowing. The bursary allowed me not only to experience the sport I love for the first time, but it also gave me access to a first-rate education that has prepared me well for my career after competition.”

- Barney Williams '96
World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Rower
Scholarship Recipient 

"I had an extraordinary number of music opportunities at UCC that gave me not only experience in my main instruments (violin and viola), but also the opportunity to learn a new instrument: saxophone."

- Elliott M. '13
Recipient of the Donald Wright Scholarship for an outstanding music student 

Donald Wright Scholarship

Download the Donald Wright Scholarship brochure (for an outstanding music student)