Alumni Referrals

As a UCC community member, you can help play an important role in our recruitment process by letting a talented boy and his family know about the amazing opportunities at UCC.

We want to encourage a student make-up that reflects the city in which we live: diverse in cultures, talents, experiences and socioeconomic backgrounds. But many boys don’t even know of the opportunity at UCC, or simply discount their chances because of financial concerns. That’s where you come in by serving as a vital link between prospective families and our admission office.

What do you have to do? Refer interested boys and families to our admission office, as well as flag outstanding applicants. The only prerequisite is passion. We’re looking for positive proponents of the school as it is today, who keep abreast of new developments and understand that boys learn differently than girls.

You can let us know directly about a prospective student by calling the admission office at 416-488-1125 (SK to Form 7, ext. 4123; Upper School, ext. 2221), emailing or filling out the form below (all fields are optional). Once we contact the family upon your recommendation, or you have them call us, we'll take the process from there.


Referral Form