Class Presidents

Who makes sure your leaving class stays in touch with the College? That’s where your class president comes in. While he may assist with fundraising, his role in “friend-raising” is paramount.

Class presidents are encouraged to organize class events on Association Day, organize tables at the annual Founder’s Dinner and rally classmates to submit personal news for Class Notes in Old Times. In reunion years (every five years following graduation), class presidents lead the organization of reunion activities and the traditional reunion-year giving program.

We encourage you to keep in touch with the College directly and through your class president. To contact a class president, log in and search the directory or contact the Association office at 416-484-8629.

List of Class Presidents

1947 Bob Johnston

1950 Ron De Mara
1951 David Walker
1952 Bruce Thomas
1953 Hugh Franks
1955 Ed Bracht
1959 Neil Norris

1961 Peter Comber
1962 Doug Mills
1963 John Parsons
1965 Bob Medland 
1966 Doug Plummer 
1967 David Caspari
1968 Denison (Denny) Edwards
1969 Bill Shirriff

1970 George McNeillie and Allen Meredith
1971 Bruce Batler
1972 Hugh Innes
1973 Evan Thompson and Dundee Staunton 
1974 Grant Irwin
1975 Andy Wilson
1976 Andrew MacCulloch
1977 Kevin Clark and Jim Garner
1978 Alan Eaton
1979 Andy Barnicke and Tim Leishman

1980 Sanford (Sandy) MacLean and Peter Nord
1981 Derek Ground
1982 Tad Gacich
1983 Chris Holland
1984 Neil Carragher and Mike Bowen
1985 Paul Andersen
1986 John Andersen and Neel Hira
1987 John Cape and Greg Connor
1988 Will Lambert and John Thompson 
1989 Mark Hayman and Jim Parkinson

1990 Ian Kennish
1991 Marcello Cabezas and Tobin Davis
1992 Adam Markwell and Jamie Deans
1993 Hassan Khan and Derek Knop
1994 James Patterson and Olivier Fuller
1995 Jeff Goldenberg
1996 Alex St. Louis and Brandon Alexandroff
1997 John Medland
1998 Jeff Hill
1999 Dave Anderson and Elliot Morris

2000 Hugh McKee, Derek Richardson and David Spevick
2001 Peter McFarlane and Elliot Pasztor
2002 Phil D’Abreu and Matt Hontscharuk
2003 Chan Sethi and Michael Annecchini
2004 Dave Reisman and Greg Lowman
2005 John Rozehnal and Ryan Adams
2006 Arthur Soong
2007 Alain Bartlemanncy
2008 Calum Mew and David Marshall 
2009 Nick Lombardo and Karim Pabani

2010 Tony Drivas
2011 Graham Vehovec
2012 Max Carnella
2013 Zach Mahon
2014 Jared Freedman
2015  Philippe Archambault

Class presidents: please log in to view the class presidents' manual and Enewsletter archive.