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The CFL mandate to provide individualized learning support, as needed, to any UCC student is met by:

Scheduling times for boys in the Prep School to receive individualized and small group support

Scheduling times for boys in the Upper School to receive individualized and small group support; other boys can arrange individual support during their spares.

Providing times for Upper School peer tutors to work with boys at the Prep in the after-school Homework Club

Providing times for students to use the peer tutoring program at the Upper School

By reviewing and communicating information from a confidential educational evaluation that's been administered by an educational psychologist or other qualified professional, the CFL encourages parents to share educational evaluations with the school so that information on their son’s learning strengths and learning needs can be shared in a confidential manner with his teachers

Accommodations, such as use of a laptop and extended time, are arranged when the results of testing meet the guidelines as set by the College board and the International Baccalaureate programs; parents or students with any questions about this process are encouraged to contact Mary Gauthier in the CFL office.

Helping students develop study strategies and self-advocacy skills specific to their learning needs

Providing support and programming for English language learners

Teaching an Ontario Ministry of Education course in general learning strategies