Middle Years Program

As boys enter adolescence, they become more aware of their talents, strengths and weaknesses, and they are more curious of the world around them. They start developing values and making choices that will shape them when they become adults. They are increasingly eager for independence, and yet need clear expectations and boundaries. While they are beginning to define themselves as individuals, peer relationships and meaningful relationships with adults are becoming more important to them. They are also better able to think critically to solve problems, see meaningful connections and make inferences. 

Our Middle Division curriculum follows naturally from the Senior Kindergarten to Grade 5 Primary program. It meets the standard of a world school program and provides a solid and exciting transition to Intermediate Years 1 and 2 at the Upper School. This program meets the social emotional needs of our students and enables them to become responsible, independent, curious and creative thinkers and learners. It recognizes the importance of learning styles, intercultural understanding and a transdisciplinary approach to learning. It insures that our boys are actively engaged in a rich spectrum of academic, artistic, athletic and service activities in a supportive environment that encourages risk-taking and fosters their sense of achievement and self-esteem.