Norval Outdoor School

A powerful learning environment awaits students in the great outdoors. UCC's Norval Outdoor School is situated on more than 160 hectares (400 acres) of rural land about 50 kilometres (30 miles) northwest of Toronto.

Students learn to appreciate and care for our fragile planet at Norval, and many become leaders in efforts to protect it.

Norval features accommodation for 24 students plus staff, dining and lounge areas, and a classroom and storage facility. Operation of the facility is sensitive to the environment and consistent with the educational goals of the program.

Preparatory School Norval Program

For Prep students, each season offers new opportunities for experiential learning, whether boys are making maple syrup, collecting honey from hives or gathering apples from trees to make cider.
Students take various day-long or overnight trips to Norval each year from Senior Kindergarten through Form 7. In addition to imparting a sense of environmental stewardship, Norval helps students learn the core values of trust, sharing and co-operation. Students gradually learn and acquire lifelong leadership abilities and team-building skills.

Upper School Students

For Upper School students, Norval trips are often designed to supplement curricular programs. Norval trips can help them:

  • develop better research, analytical, abstract thinking and predictive skills about the natural environment
  • gain appreciation for the aesthetic and recreational value of the outdoors
  • become motivated to meet environmental challenges and issues of the future

Sample Programs for Upper School Students

A Spring Week at Norval for Year 1 Students

Interdisciplinary academic program:
  • high and low ropes courses
  • global positioning system geo-caching exercises
  • cross-country orienteering
  • meadow crayfish study
  • environmental photo art projects
  • canoeing on the Credit River
  • environmental service projects



Contact Norval

For any questions about the Norval Outdoor School, please call the Norval office at 905-877-3732.

Directions to Norval

Take Highway 401 west to Winston Churchill Boulevard. Follow Winston Churchill Boulevard north and go through the Village of Norval. Continue straight ahead. The entrance to the Norval property is on your left, 1.2 kilometres north of the village stoplight. The drive takes about 50 minutes from UCC in light traffic.