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Applying to the University of California System?

Students who are planning applications to the University of California system (schools such as Berkeley or UCLA) must attend a mandatory workshop on Wednesday, November 14 at 12:30 p.m. in the Colborne Room. If you are unable to attend because of a conflicting commitment, please contact Ms Berndsen in order to pick up the appropriate instructions.

Considering an Application to the University of British Columbia?

Students who intend to apply to the University of British Columbia should attend a workshop on Monday, November 19 at 12:20 p.m. in Room 131. If you are unable to attend because of a conflicting commitment, please contact Ms Berndsen in order to pick up the appropriate instructions.

The Importance of Research

This week's newsletter provides a number of timelines for different types of applications.  No matter where you are applying to study next year, however, your top priority is the same:  thorough research into programs and schools in order to ensure a good fit.  While some applications are more complex than others, in all cases the research process is similar. 

Once a student has identified several types of programs that seem to be a potential match for his interests and aspirations (e.g. engineering and science), he needs to conduct detailed research into the nature of those programs at each school he is considering.  This means logging on to a university website and clicking down to the level of program and course descriptions.  Students then need to consider the general nature of the university--size, location, extracurricular profile, etc.--to evaluate how those elements fit their preferences.  Once programs and schools have been narrowed down to a more manageable list, campus visits are essential.

We recommend that students set a goal of investigating one or two websites each week.  Academic and extracurricular commitments make it tempting to push long-term planning aside, but without such research, students risk making poor choices that may result in significant unhappiness and inconvenience next year.  Surely your future is worth this small investment of time and energy!

University Application Timeline: Ontario Universities

As you know, the workshops for completing Ontario university applications have started. If you have not signed up (the list is on the counter in the University Counselling Office), please do so immediately. Some important deadlines of which to be aware:

  • The application submission deadline for Ontario universities is Wednesday, January 16. Since this is an online application, it is not a good idea to leave it to the last minute. The Ontario universities process their applications through a central clearinghouse, the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), which forwards your applications to the universities you have indicated. In past years, the OUAC system has had difficulty handling a large number of last-minute applications. It is recommended that you submit your application well before the deadline.
  • The application process is very straightforward and you will be able to access the system as soon as you receive your Personal Identification Number at one of the OUAC workshops.
  • Initially, the process is meant just to identify applicants, the programs they want to study, whether they want to live in residence, etc. to the universities. This is all done on a common electronic application form. If universities require more information about you, they will contact you directly at a later date. In fact, after receiving your online application, the universities will communicate directly with you (not the University Counselling Office), so it is essential that you check your email regularly.
  • The process is very flexible. You can select three university choices and/or degree programs for the initial $130 application fee, and for each university/program choice beyond the initial three, the fee is $44. If you are applying to more than one program at the same university (e.g. commerce and arts), list the programs in order of preference. It is a good idea to cover your bases with a wide selection of university applications. You are able to change your choices later (it is recommended that if you wish to make changes, you do so before February 5). It is possible that you will want to make such changes as a result of further research into university choices or if your January grades differ from what you had anticipated.
  • Please read carefully all the explanatory information you are given. Your university counsellor will, of course, be happy to help you if you have questions.
  • Please check to see if the programs to which you are applying require supplementary forms such as those listed below:
    • The Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) at the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario requires the supplementary application by 4 p.m. January 16. The Advanced Entry Opportunity program extends conditional offers of admission to exceptional high school students (90%+ preferred) into the Honours Business Administration Program, which at Western begins in the third year. Advanced Entry students apply to both Ivey (the AEO) and to the University of Western Ontario – the latter via OUAC. Spaces in AEO are very limited and Ivey admits only some of the applicants. To check the admissions criteria, go to their website http://www.ivey.uwo.ca/hba. This site also gives you access to their application form, which must be submitted electronically by the above date.  Do not leave this supplemental application to the last minute!  
    • Supplementary applications for the McMaster Health Sciences, Arts & Science, and Integrated Sciences programs are due February 1. The academic minimum required to apply for these programs is 90% (although the average of successful applicants is generally much higher).
    • The deadline for the supplementary application for the Schulich School of Business at York is February 6. The academic cut-off for applicants is an average in the high 80s or low 90s.
    • Queen's University requires a Personal Statement of Experience as part of all applications.  Applicants to Commerce, Concurrent Education and Kinesiology/Physical Education must also submit additional Supplementary Essay(s). Students who wish to be considered in the first round of admission offers must complete all parts of the application by December 1. Conditional offers in this round will be based on Foundation Year grades (generally an average of 95% or above will be expected). Students who wish to be considered in the first regular round of admission must submit their PSE by February 15 (the final cut-off is March 1). You will be sent a link to the Personal Statement of Experience and Supplementary Essay once you have submitted your OUAC application.
    • The deadlines for the University of Waterloo's Admission Information Form vary by program; you will have 3 weeks to complete the relevant form after you receive an initial email of acknowledgement.
    • If you are applying to Laurier, you may submit an optional Applicant Background Summary by April 15 if you wish your co-curricular commitments to be considered.
University Application Timeline: Out-of-Province Universities

If you are applying to Canadian universities outside Ontario, you complete a separate application for each institution. Some things to keep in mind:

  • The deadlines for universities outside Ontario vary considerably: e.g. UBC is January 31, McGill is February 1, King's College, Halifax is March 1, and Dalhousie is March 15 (please note that earlier deadlines exist for certain programs at Dalhousie). Because many out-of-province schools such as McGill use the OUAC database, you should generally apply to Ontario universities first so that you have an OUAC reference number to put on out-of-province applications (this speeds up those applications considerably). 
  • Some universities such as University of Victoria, Acadia, St. Francis Xavier, Dalhousie, King's College (Halifax) use a rolling admission process which means that they are making offers as they go along. You can apply now and have a conditional offer within a few weeks. Because popular programs fill up early, it is advisable to submit an application to these schools as soon as possible. Many of these early admission programs end on December 1
  • As residences fill up quickly at some out-of-province schools, the earlier you apply, the more certain are your chances of a place in residence.
  • UBC now requires Canadian high school applicants to self-report their grades and to complete a personal profile. This means the application takes more time to complete. The application deadline is now a month earlier than prior years. Please do not leave it until the last minute! We are happy to provide assistance and we will be offering an application workshop on November 19.
  • Some schools such as University of King’s College, Halifax require a separate application for scholarships. Always check to ensure that you are aware of these deadlines.
  • Application forms are available online at the university's website.

You must remember to record on Naviance where you have applied so that we can send your marks. 

University Application Timeline: U.K. Universities and Trinity College, Dublin

Students who are applying to universities in the United Kingdom should already have informed the University Counselling Office of their intention. If you had originally intended to apply to U.K. universities and have changed your mind, please let us know!
Students are expected to have their personal statement completed and in the UCAS system by Monday, December 3. In order to ensure that they will have time to review these statements with their university counsellor, students should complete a draft within the next week or so.  

Students should also be aware that the process will not be complete once they have submitted their sections of the application. Ms Berndsen must sign off on each section and typically that requires a number of e-mail communications in order to ensure that each section is correct. Therefore, it is crucial that students respect the internal deadline for the UCAS application and regularly check their UCC e-mail in the weeks that follow. Because we have a number of students applying to the U.K., this is a very time-consuming process that requires considerable planning and coordination.  
Teacher referees should email their statement as an attachment to Ms Berndsen by Monday, December 10. Students who have not already done so should tell Ms Berndsen the name of the teacher who is writing on their behalf.

Students interested in Trinity College, Dublin must fill out a separate application form available online at http://www.tcd.ie/international/apply/non-eu-undergraduate/ and submit it to the university before February 1. Students who plan to apply to Trinity College must notify the University Counselling Office of their intention by Monday, December 3; the application requires both a counsellor and a teacher reference and a statement of intent. Please note that SAT or ACT scores are optional for Canadian applicants. As always, remember to record your plan to apply to TCD on your Naviance account so that transcripts will be ready to accompany your application.

University Application Timeline: U.S. Universities

Now that the early applications to U.S. colleges have been completed, it is time to consider regular applications. If you had originally intended to apply to U.S. colleges and have changed your mind, please let us know immediately! 

By this point, students should:

  • have met with their university counsellor to discuss their intent to apply to US colleges and to construct a list of appropriate schools. Failure to inform your counsellor of your intent to apply to US schools by Tuesday, November 13 may jeopardize the timely submission of your Secondary School Report to the universities. If you discussed potential US applications with your counsellor last year, you must reaffirm this plan in person or by email before the November 13th deadline;
  • have checked the application forms for the universities to which they applying in order to ascertain deadlines, testing requirements, and the nature of supplementary essays; 
  • have attended a Common Application workshop;
  • have met with the teachers they have asked to write references and given these teachers the completed U.S. College Referee Request Form. Students should then add these teachers' names to their Naviance account;
  • be working toward the specific deadlines of the universities to which they are applying. Be aware, for example, that the University of California’s deadline is November 30.  If you are applying to a university with a deadline prior to January 1, please confirm this with Ms Berndsen or your counsellor;
  • have consulted their counsellor about their essays;
  • have their ACT or SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests (if required) organized and under control. If you have not already done so, please send your October test scores to Ms Berndsen. If you wish to register for the December 8 ACT, you must do so by November 2. Some colleges will accept ACT scores from the February 9 test date (register by January 11), but you should not assume that this will be the case. There are just three SAT test dates left that can be used for this year’s admissions – November 3, December 1, and January 26. The registration deadline for the December 1 test date is November 1; for the January 26 test date you must register by December 28. Please be aware that test sites fill long before the deadlines. It is important to remember that ETS must be informed which universities are to receive the SAT scores. Universities only consider scores official when they receive them directly from the College Board. You should never wait until January to send your test scores for the first time. If you wish to submit results from the January SAT (remember not all colleges will accept these scores), you should submit a second time;
  • be attempting to complete their applications before the holidays. In this way, they can get help from their counsellor, their teachers, or the CFL. It is tempting for boys who have applied Early Decision or Early Action to wait until they hear back from their first choice before going on with the balance of their applications. This is generally not a good idea. In our experience, very few successful applications get done over the holidays. 
Upcoming University Visits to UCC

Monday, November 5 @ 3:45 p.m. in the Colborne Room—University of Guelph

Home to the internationally renowned Ontario Veterinary College, the University of Guelph offers strong programs in both arts and science, although it is particularly recognized for its cutting-edge research in the biological sciences. New initiatives include degrees in biodiversity and biological and medical physics. It is one of the few schools in Canada that offers a business degree with a specialization in real estate. The university prides itself on providing a supportive environment for all students, especially those in first year. One-third of the majors have a co-op option.


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