Where do you find some of Ontario’s best young golfers? Without question, right here at UCC. By the time they enter the Upper School, many boys are already experienced and skilled golfers. It’s not unusual to find some UCC boys who can shoot under par at challenging courses around the city. 

Our junior varsity and varsity teams help prepare boys for collegiate-level competition. Boys develop a strong sense of camaraderie. That’s not surprising, since tournaments can occasionally take boys out of school for days at a time.

Two 2011 grads, Turner Southey-Gordon and Brandon Ng, received National Collegiate Athletic Association first-year scholarships to Duke University and Wake Forest University respectively. UCC’s varsity golf team has won multiple Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association championships and captured the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations championship twice, most recently in 2011.


Charlie Watson is the top ranked senior of the 2014 season with an average score of 78.8.