Board & Governance


Strategic Plan

What are the five key areas?

    • Significantly improve accessibility for outstanding students who couldn't attend attend otherwise, through increased financial assistance;
    • Broaden the range of “big school” opportunities and challenges;
    • Promote a “small school” culture where every boy is known, in part through the creation of smaller units of students and faculty;
    • Focus on the development of character and emotional intelligence in students; and
    • Transform the boarding program into an exceptional, focused program that will better meet the needs of outstanding students drawn from across Canada and around the world.


The new strategic plan was unveiled in 2007. The goal? To strengthen programs, broaden student opportunities and carry the institution forward. The cornerstone of the ambitious plan is to significantly increase accessibility.

UCC offers an extraordinary program for talented boys. To better reflect the exciting multicultural character and demographics of Toronto, we'll expand available financial assistance. Fifteen per cent of students currently receive financial aid. The goal is to increase to 20 per cent in the 2014-15 school year.

“UCC strives to be a school where every boy is known and where individual attention is focused on the needs of each and every student,” says principal Jim Power. “These changes will enhance the learning experience for the greatest number of students and keep UCC at the forefront of independent schools in North America.”