Association Council


Who's in the Association?

  • Old Boys
  • Parents
  • Board of governors members
  • Board of directors of the UCC Foundation members
  • Board of the trustees of the UCC Educational Foundation/UC Foundation U.K. members
  • Principal, faculty and staff
  • Others with demonstrated interest in College welfare

What's the Association Council?

The UCC Association Council is the Association's governing body, with 21 elected council members and eight ex-officio council members. Officers include the president, vice-president(s), secretary, executive director and managing director. The council meets three times annually in addition to the annual general meeting in October.

What's the Association Council's purpose?

  • To serve as a link between UCC and its members
  • To provide programs and services for its members
  • To engage its members in the service of UCC

What's the Association Council's role?

  • To provide governance-level recommendations to the College for major priorities and policies regarding external relations, including friendraising, fundraising and communications. The council also provides advice to the advancement office on overall strategies and priorities. Senior staff present reports and annual objectives to the council.
  • To gather views on broader governance issues and serve as the major conduit for advocating these positions, on behalf of the membership, to the board of governors and principal.
  • To be available, individually or in groups, to provide situation-specific advice and assistance in the implementation of friendraising, fundraising and communications programs.
  • To fulfil its constitutional responsibilities and appoint three governors of the College. The Association president serves as a governor.
  • To select the annual recipient of the John D. Stevenson Award for outstanding volunteer service to the College and the Harold A.D. Roberts Circle Awards for volunteerism.
  • To identify and cultivate potential volunteers, donors and advocates for UCC. This may include nominating additional individuals for the board of governors, foundation board or other groups.

Jim Garner

Jim Garner ’77, Association president