Student Publications

Upper Canada College has a long tradition of excellence in the art of writing.

Here are UCC's Upper School student publications:


Blazer is UCC's humour publication for people who think they're way funnier than they actually are. Blazer spoons Convergence every issue in its last two pages and is widely known as the most important part of the paper. It works toward bringing a drop of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns into the dark, dreary and scary world of school. Laughter is the best medicine — that is, aside from actual medicine.

The Blue and White (Tbaw)

The Blue and White is UCC's online arts and life publication. Its focus extends from critiques of Friday assemblies to movie reviews to non-fiction pieces about art festivals happening off campus. It's not only a school newspaper but also a guide to the Toronto arts and life scenes, offering reviews, photo essays and social commentaries. Visit

College Times

UCC’s yearbook, College Times, specializes in capturing the essence of school life each year under the stewardship of art teacher Anne Kaye. It's published every May. 


Convergence is tackling the year with all the gusto that comes with new writers, new leadership and new stories. With tons of material, ranging from controversial interviews with Derek Poon about the dismal state of UCC food to in-depth coverage of Association Day, Convergence has undoubtedly become the premier source of school news for Upper Canada College students.
Under the stewardship of Marshall Webb, the editors have introduced innovative sections for stories on international events, comedy and poetry. Convergence endeavours to provide material that appeals to students (and parents) of all interests. Visit Convergence online at

IDiv Times

IDiv Times has been an aspiration of the Intermediate Division since its original publication in 2010-2011 was met with great enthusiasm and an appetite for further growth. The Times is a student-driven newsletter that was originally born out of a desire to fill the gap that existed for Year 1 and Year 2 writers to publish their work. A platform for students to report and reflect on events relevant to peers, the club raises awareness about the Intermediate Division, spotlights new boys and faculty, and offers competing perspectives on school-related concerns such as bullying and appropriate technology use. Beyond garnering journalistic and creative skills, the organization offers excellent leadership opportunities. Students are elected and fulfill a myriad of roles, from editors to section heads to layout designers. The Times has partnered with Convergence so students benefit from the expertise of senior student mentors. This relationship helps support the growth of Intermediate Division writers and empowers these students to take creative risks and assert innovative thought. IDiv Times celebrates student initiative, collaboration and, above all, encourages engagement in the growth and sustenance of the invaluable contributions of UCC student publications. Gillian Levene is the faculty advisor.


This exquisite book includes the best poetry, prose and art created during the school year. It's issued in time for the leaving class graduation in May and receives faculty assistance from Julian Bauld and Dale Churchward.

The Blue Page

The Blue Page is the student-run editorial newspaper and a vehicle for opinion relating to school matters. Now more than a quarter-century old, The Blue Page prints articles written by students and faculty members that demand change and appraisal. Heated arguments, like the removal of boarding a few years ago and the teaching of global warming as fact, have scrolled across The Blue Page. In essence, The Blue Page is a tool for expressing one's perspective, which is exposed to a large-scale audience (the paper prints bi-weekly and is distributed to the entire Upper School). The Blue Page is intriguing, entertaining and effective — a paper for the long term created with the assistance of advisor Marshall Webb.