Co-curricular Programs

The Ontario Mock Parliament (the OMP) is an exciting simulation of the Ontario government where students run a mock election and then participate in a three-day debate at the actual Ontario legislature. Approximately 200 students from across the provinces participate (roughly 60 from UCC participated in 2010).

Not only do students increase their understanding of how the government works and moves political priorities forward, they learn about public speaking, organization, debating, negotiation, questioning, effective writing and critical thinking skills. They also have loads of fun.

The World Affairs Conference (WAC) is an annual student-led conference hosted by UCC. For two days, students from across North America interact with speakers (past speakers include Jeffrey Sachs and Bob Rae) to acquire a deeper understanding of world affairs.

Over the years, WAC has continued to broaden the horizons of boys and encouraged delegates to explore issues beyond themselves and their communities.

Students truly are the centre of the conference, as they seek answers to hard-hitting questions.