CAS Overview

An important part of life at the Upper School involves Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) programs and activities which contribute to the growth of the whole boy. All candidates for the International Baccalaureate Diploma must complete a balanced program of creativity, action and service.


The creativity component involves activities that provide opportunities for personal growth through cultural appreciation and achievement in performance, music and art. Students might join a band or choir, write articles or design pages for a student publication, or shoot photos with the Photography Club.


Action-oriented activities include opportunities in both team and individual sports, as well as recreation activities that promote sportsmanship, co-operation and fitness. In addition to the extensive sports programs, UCC offers dozens of clubs, including mountain biking, judo, fencing and outdoor education.


For the service component, students can take part in individual projects or join team-based service projects and service clubs. Service opportunities range from local to national and international projects, and from short-term to year-long commitments. A few examples that boys can choose include working at a local food bank, coaching athletics teams in the community or volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Houses also organize outreach projects.


International service trips for Foundation Year and IB1 and IB2 students take place over the March break and during the summer. Students have helped build a school in Kenya and travelled to Peru to participate in biodiversity and conservation studies, among other international activities.

By contributing to the community, boys gain senses of responsibility, accomplishment, honour and integrity that they need to become active, engaged citizens of the world and men of good character.