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Here's what you can learn about CAS from the documents on the right:

  1. The IB CAS guide from the IB describes the philosophy, components, criteria, requirements and importance of CAS in the total IB Diploma Programme.
  2. The summary of IB CAS, UCC, national and international programs and awards provides details of the many awards and programs that are offered by the CAS office.
  3. The CAS Medal is awarded to graduating students based on their self-evaluation and reflections on the breadth, balance and dedication to the program and their growth, progress and development through the program in general, and the eight learning outcomes specifically.
  4. Clubs List 2012-13
  5. The eight learning outcomes of the IB CAS program are identified by the IB as the required criteria for successful completion of the CAS program.
  6. CAS orientation for Foundation Year students
  7. CAS FAQs
  8. CAS report FAQs

1. IB CAS Guide for 2010 and onwards

2. Summary of IB CAS, UCC, National and International Programs and Awards

3. CAS Medal Candidate Declaration Form 2012

4. Fall 2011 Clubs & Teams List
Includes times and locations

5. The 8 Learning Outcomes of the IB CAS Program
Describes required learning outcomes for successful completion of CAS

6. FY CAS Orientation Powerpoint presentation

7. CAS FAQs   

8. CAS Report FAQs




Craig Parkinson
Director of CAS
416-488-1125, ext. 3378

Elaine Ticzon
CAS administrative assistant
416-488-1125,  ext. 2671