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Message from Bernard Lecerf

Winterfest was a lot of fun on the ice, in the water and on the courts on Jan. 24, and our U12 basketball and hockey teams had a great time in Montreal last weekend. The players enjoyed their stay with their billeting families and performed brilliantly in their competitions. Both teams came back to the Prep with the Lower Canada College tournament trophies. 
Our special guest at our Tuesday assembly was Rosemary Sadlier. She's the founder of Black History Month, which was first proclaimed in Toronto in 1979 and in Canada in 1995. She talked about slavery in the United States and Canada and the underground railroad, and told us the story of Richard Pierpoint, a slave brought from West Africa to New England at 16 and fought with the loyalists during the war of 1812. Sadlier also showed us Black Soul/Âme noire, an animated movie that uses stunning imagery to portray key events in history that have shaped black culture: 

Our U13A basketball players left the Prep yesterday morning for Vancouver, where they're participating in the 16-team Canadian Accredited Independent Schools national U13 tournament hosted by Southridge School. We wish them the best of luck in this prestigious competition. Go Blues! We also look forward to our colour house debates tomorrow morning.

We hope to see you at "Club Bluenote" on Wednesday, Feb. 5 for our third whole school jazz night in Weston Hall. Also, make sure you buy your tickets for Peter Pan, our musical which will be performed by Forms SK to 7 students and The Bishop Strachan School girls on Thursday, Feb. 20 and Friday, Feb. 21.

Best wishes to all of you who will celebrate the lunar new year tomorrow.

Warm regards,


Spread The Net casual dress day on Jan. 31

Tomorrow will be a casual dress day. Each student is asked to bring in two dollars (or more) and the proceeds will go to Spread The Net, an initiative by Plan Canada.

The goal is to save children in Africa from the possibility of being infected by malaria, a disease that's transmitted among people through mosquitoes and is most common in Africa.

The idea for this fundraiser was initially presented by Sahir Farooq of 6M. The most simple way to stop the transmission of malaria is by having a bed net. One bed net can keep a child safe for three years. Each bed net costs $10 and will go to families in Zimbabwe.

Rick Mercer Report is going to film a segment at the school that donates the most money. So far, the winning school has raised $7,100. We're confident that UCC has the power to help the world. One net for $10 saves lives.

-Community service leaders

Form 6 Norval trips

Downloads available:
6J Norval Feb 3 trip info letter
6M Norval Feb 10 trip info letter
Winter overnight clothing list Form 6 Norval

Form 6J and 6M students will go to the Norval Outdoor School on these dates:

6J: Monday, Feb. 3 to Thursday, Feb. 6
6M: Monday, Feb. 10 to Thursday, Feb. 13

Your son's form adviser has handed out permission and medical update forms. Please update and return these to the form adviser as soon as possible. Students who haven't returned the forms aren't permitted to go on the trip.

Please see the downloads above for the recommended clothing list and the parent information letter for each form.

Form 7 Québec trip information

Download available:
Form 7 Québec trip information 2014

Planning for the Form 7 Québec trip has progressed well and we're fine-tuning our final itinerary. This trip will enhance the students’ French skills while they develop an appreciation for Québec’s history, geography and current role in Canadian society.

Students will travel by bus to Québec and are expected to be at the Prep on Monday, March 3 at 7 a.m. sharp for a punctual departure at 7:15 a.m. Please allow a cushion of time to ensure that your son arrives promptly for the departure. We'll return by bus on Thursday, March 6 between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. The trip information line (416-488-1125, ext. 4004) will be updated at 5 p.m. on March 6.

Bakers, start your ovens ...

Download available:
Prep Feb 6 bake sale

The annual Prep bake sale is on Thursday, Feb. 6 during morning recess. The boys would love for you to bake their favourite nut-free treats and help make this a huge success.

What to bring:
Treats without nuts, including cupcakes, cookies, brownies and squares

Drop off:
Please drop off baked goods outside the Prep on Feb. 6 between 8 and 8:30 a.m. Volunteers will be on hand outside to collect them.

Don't forget to send your son to school with a toonie. Proceeds will go towards the Prep wish list.

The Prep Parents' Organization appreciates your support.

Peter Pan musical on Feb. 20 and 21

Download available:
Peter Pan ticket order form 2014

Join the cast and crew of more than 80 boys from Forms SK to 7, as well as girls from The Bishop Strachan School, in an evening of drama, dance and music as they present Peter Pan.

Peter Pan originated as private entertainment invented for one particular group of children. 

By 1898, James Matthew Barrie was a popular, established British novelist and playwright in his late thirties. Barrie walked in Kensington Gardens every day with Porthos, his St. Bernard dog. The Davies family boys also visited the Gardens for their daily walk and it was there that the remarkable friendship between the 38-year-old Barrie and his “lost boys” developed. For the boys, he quickly became the most exciting part of their daily excursions into Kensington Gardens. He could tell stories which completely captured their imagination: Long rambling adventures in which the boys were cast as heroes, with Barrie and Porthos also taking part. The Barries’ country cottage stood in the middle of thick woods on the shore of a small lake and Barrie and the older boys spent their summer days exploring the area and populating it with exotic characters. The stories from Kensington Gardens now included pirates and Indians. The woods and the lake became the setting for colourful adventures involving shipwrecks, hut-building and daring rescues, all of which could now be enacted instead of merely related.

Peter Pan will be presented on Thursday, Feb. 20 and Friday, Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. in Weston Hall. A ticket order form is in the download above. 

Evicted hens and turning three days into three months

Upper School chicken keepers Andrew and Matthew Patel, received a by-law violation notification from the City of Toronto on Nov. 19 advising them that they had three days to remove their hens from their family’s backyard. Using the political finesse that they've learned from being active in municipal politics for several years, the Patels successfully negotiated an extension of the deadline from three days to three weeks and, finally, three months. With the final deadline of Friday, Jan. 31 looming, they're exploring possibilities of changing the by-law through the judicial system, continuing to do research and connecting with well-known urban activists such as Lorraine Johnson.   

The Eco-Warriors, Mr. Babits and Ms. Kastelic held an emergency meeting with the Eco-Warriors on Dec. 2 to figure out how to best support the Patel brothers. The Eco-Warriors fine-tuned their action plan for the Prep Urban Chicken Coop (P.U.C.C.) campaign and came up with several sub-committees to work on specific actions around raising awareness.  

Here's a summary of the action plan: 

  • Raise awareness about the campaign among students, teachers and parents through articles, assemblies, class presentations and other events.
  • Produce a letter of support for the campaign with signatures from Prep students, parents and staff and faculty members.
  • Submit a report to the City of Toronto by June that explains the possible benefits and logistics of keeping urban hens at the Prep.
  • Apply for an exemption to Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 349, Article II that prohibits the keeping of hens in the city.

Check out the bulletin board in the Prep science hallway for more information and an up-to-date timeline of what the Eco-Warriors have achieved so far on their journey with the P.U.C.C. campaign.  

-Shafiq Qaadri 7F and Ms. Kastelic

Raising sexually healthy children workshop on Feb. 26

The Prep will host a worshop on raising sexually healthy children on Wednesday, Feb. 26 that will be facilitated by Jennifer Paterson, a sexual health promoter with Toronto Public Health.

The goal of this two-hour workshop is to give parents and caregivers the tools, knowledge and support they need in order to foster healthy attitudes about sexuality in their children. The workshop will run from 7 to 9 p.m. in the library and is open to all Prep parents.

Please contact health and life skills coordinator Jill Stewart at jstewart@ucc.on.ca if you're interested in attending the workshop.

Calling all Prep parents: the PPO wants you

Downloads available:
PPO volunteer information letter 2014
PPO self-nomination form 2014

The Prep Parents' Organization (PPO) invites all Prep parents to become active volunteer members of the Upper Canada College community. Please see the download information letter here.

Nominations for the 2014-2015 PPO steering committee are being accepted 
as of today. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the self–nomination form and nominate yourself by submitting it online. If you prefer, you may pick up a form 
from the Primary office or print it from the download above, complete it and return it to my attention in the PPO mailbox. The PPO steering committee meets monthly during the school year. Next 
year’s meetings will be held on the thirrd Thursday of every month at 8:30 a.m.

The PPO encourages all parents to submit their names for any of the PPO steering committee positions listed
 on the self-nomination form, descriptions of which are in the PPO Volunteer Handbook. You're more than welcome to contact me at jody@thehowes.ca for more information, or please consult the PPO Volunteer Handbook, the PPO section on the UCC website or speak to any PPO steering committee member.

Thank you,
Jody Howe
PPO past chair and chair of nominating committee
jody@thehowes.ca or 416-346-8576