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The Blues Booster Club Newsletter is sent electronically to the UCC Community. We hope that the information in the newsletter will excite our readers and lead to increased interest and fan support at games and special events. The BBC Newsletter is sent to the UCC Community (students, faculty, parents & alumni) 9 times over the course of the year. Watch for a Pre-A-Day, Post A-Day and Season-End edition in the Fall; a Pre-Winterfest, Post-Winterfest and Season-End edition in the Winter and; a Pre-May Day, Post-May Day and Season-End edition in the Spring.

The BBC Newsletters includes photo galleries, YouTube videos, exciting sports reports and highlights from our Athletic Directors, Coaches, Parents, Players, and Team Captains. They are our roving reporters for the Newsletter. If you enjoy taking photographs at your son’s games please let your Team Parent know or contact one of the members of the BBC Newsletter Group. We’d love to showcase your photography or writing!

Go Blues!

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