ABC (Arts Booster Club)

Descriptions of ABC board positions:

1) Debating Parent Representative – ABC

Estimated time per month: two to four hours

Promote debating in the UCC community.
Assist the Debating Club, by
a. communicating with debating coaches, supervisors and administration to ensure their continued support
b. coordinating tournament support and ensuring parent volunteer support at tournaments where faculty supervision isn't required 
Write an article and gather photos after each tournament for the UCC website and Connection newsletter.
Attend ABC monthly meetings.

Major Debating Events

  • Osgoode 
  • McGill Tournament, Montreal
  • Fall Fulford 
  • Oxford Cup


  • Kaufman Cup


  • Queen’s Tournament, Kingston 
  • Winter Fulford 
  • Metro Regionals
  • York Tournament


  • U of T Tournament 
  • Provincials


  • Nationals

2) Literature Parent Representative

Estimated time per month: three hours

Liaise with the literature faculty representative, who represents six faculty members overseeing seven student-led publications at the Upper School, and the faculty of the English department.

Obtain interesting content for the UCC website and Connection newsletter. Examples include:

  • a minimum of two samples of high quality student literature
  • information about students producing student publications or participating in school literature events and contests
  • information about students achieving in the world of literature outside of school

Encourage the participation of literature students in arts assemblies, Nuit Bleue and other aspects of school life. Support projects put forward by faculty members that feature literature and literature students.

Attend ABC meetings (approximately monthly).


3) Model United Nations Parent Representative

Estimated time per month: two hours

As the largest club at UCC, with more than 80 members, Model United Nations attracts boys from across all Upper School grades. Participants research a country, investigate its international policies and take on roles as diplomats as they represent the country in simulated UN sessions at conferences with other schools. The aim is to develop solutions to world problems through debate and deliberation. The club is run by an executive committee of experienced student members/delegates.

The ABC’s Model UN parent rep communicates regularly with faculty advisor Matt Griem to collect information (including winnings, results and pictures) for inclusion on the UCC website and in the Connection newsletter. Time commitment is minimal and dependent on the number and dates of the conferences which the Model UN Club participates in every year. While this number may change from year to year, it's generally about four to six and may include:

Upper Canada College Model United Nations (UMUN) in October (this conference is organized by UCC Model UN and hosted at the school)
Secondary Schools’ United Nations Symposium (SSUNS) in February in Montreal
University of Toronto Model United Nations (UTMUN) in February
Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN) in March in California 

4) Theatre Parent Representative

Estimated time per month: eight to 15 hours 

The ABC theatre rep is responsible for supporting the theatre faculty's efforts to provide outstanding curricular and extra-curricular theatre programs. This requires the theatre rep to liaise with the heads of curricular and extra-curricular theatre, and both initiate assistance and respond to their requests. 

The following are examples of theatre rep activities:

  • meeting with theatre faculty heads in September to offer assistance and discuss their requests
  • compiling a list of cast members for each play (there are usually five plays: two in the fall, a classical and a musical in February, and a Form 7 to 9 performance in April)
  • recruiting a parent rep for each play 
  • arranging for photos to be taken in classes or rehearsals for use in newsletters, arts assemblies, Heads Up and the theatre board, and uploading photos to Photobucket
  • providing potential theatre board photos to the theatre department head for approval, printing them at UCC Press and posting them on the theatre board 

For each play: 

  • arrange for the director to submit a piece to Heads Up preceding the first performance, and submit a photo to accompany it
  • arrange with the facilities department to put out sandwich boards at the front and rear drop-off areas during the week of the performance, and obtain poster from director to go into the boards (usually printed at UCC Press)
  • arrange with director for play to be videoed (usually by UCC film department’s team)
  • provide any assistance the director may request, including with costumes, make-up, backstage, food at long rehearsals, etc.

5) Film Parent Representative

Estimated time per month: seven hours

Maintain a close connection with the film department via emailing and visiting the department. Assist with some programming issues as needed (review scripts, provide feedback, assist with organizing and maintaining the DVD collection).  

Communicate the needs and news from the department to the ABC and vice versa, and address specific issues regarding the department's scheduling, major events, student accomplishments, etc. Communicate to the department information pertinent to the events and programs organized by the ABC. Create parent lists of current students at the department. Write news updates relating to UCC film for the UCC website and Connection newsletter several times per school year, and upload new photographs provided by the film department.  

Provide additional support as neeeded. Connect with other IB film programs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and help forge productive cooperation between the UCC film department and other film-related venues and organizations in the GTA.

Participate in ABC meetings and volunteer in the ABC kiosk at various events at UCC by offering ABC merchandise for sale, providing information to other interested parties and answering inquiries. Help set up kiosks for such events as Association Day, Festive Marketplace, Nuit Bleue, etc.    

6) Language Arts Parent Representative

Estimated time per month: two hours

Liaise with language arts faculty rep. Contact is occasional, primarily via email.
Obtain interesting content for the UCC website and Connection newsletter.
Forward  articles and photos to the Connection newsletter editor of events and happenings involving language arts students.
Encourage the participation of language arts students in arts assemblies, Nuit Bleue and other aspects of school life. Support projects put forward by faculty that feature language arts students.
Attend ABC meetings (approximately monthly).

7) Visual Art Parent Representative

Estimated time per month: six to 15 hours

Visit the art studios regularly.
Be aware of the art projects and their stage of completion.
Liaise with the visual arts faculty and ABC representatives.
Liaise with parents interested in visual arts when necessary.
Take photographs of the artwork and edit them.
Gather information about art projects, trips and news concerning students participating in art activities outside of school in order to include them on the UCC website and in the Connection newsletter
Take photographs of all art exhibitions mounted on the student centre gallery wall and around the school.
Participate in Association Day. Help decorate the ABC booth with art and engage everyone to learn about the arts at UCC.
Contribute with graphic design work to create posters and other ABC promotional items.
Participate in creating the Nuit Bleue event and help to exhibit the student artworks.
Participate in all ABC meetings and be prepared to report on current events in visual arts at UCC.

Above all, enjoy the privilege to be the first parent to see the boys’ work, observe their creative process of making art and to draw inspiration from a most dynamic and vibrant studio.

8) Music Parent Representative (and Chair of Music Parent Council)

Estimated time per month: three hours (eight to 10 hours in the initial month to secure representatives for the various ensembles and compile communication lists)

Celebrate music in the UCC community and help increase attendance at the various music events through communication and promotion.

Obtain a parent rep for each of the nine respective music ensembles and, with their assistance, keep the parent community informed about programs, events, schedules and communications related to the music section of the arts program at UCC. These reps are a contact point between the specific ensemble leader and the parents.

Liaise with music head Tony Gomes to determine upcoming events in the music calendar (e.g. Fall Music Night, carol service, Nuit Bleue, etc.)
With his help, obtain interesting content for the UCC website and Connection newsletter that highlights and celebrates ensemble, individual and faculty performances. This consists of a few face-to-face meetings, but is mostly via email.  

Attend monthly ABC meetings and coordinate meetings with the music reps if necessary.

Support the ABC by volunteering at the ABC booth at various UCC events and helping out in selling merchandise, answering questions, etc.

Attend music events and competitions and take photos for the UCC website and Connection newsletter.