Academic Program Overview


UCC offers a first-rate liberal arts curriculum. Notable for its depth, breadth, and rigour, our academic program challenges students, preparing them for the challenges of university study and igniting their curiosity and love of learning. UCC’s experienced, dedicated, passionate teachers encourage students not only to acquire subject-specific knowledge and skills, but also to develop the creative and critical thinking skills and the sense of self-confidence that together will prepare them to embark on a lifelong intellectual journey.

UCC students are eligible to receive two diplomas. The IB Diploma program is undertaken by all students in their final two years at the Upper School. Each discipline also meets the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Upon successful completion of the Upper School academic program, a student is awarded both the IB Diploma and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

To help you achieve your educational goals, UCC offers a wide range of courses in many subject areas. The course descriptions available on this website will help you become familiar with the specific courses of study that are available to you. This website section also features overviews of OSSD and IB Diploma requirements, as well as detailed information about the staff, services, policies and practices designed to support you and your studies during your high school years. 
UCC provides an extensive range of supports to assist students in meeting the challenges of the academic program and reaching their full potential. Courses are taught with a focus on boys’ learning needs by instructors who offer a commitment to individual attention, along with expertise both in their disciplines and in the requirements of the International Baccalaureate. The Macintosh Library and the Centre for Learning, along with a well developed system of advising, comprise some of the other key elements of this network of support.

UCC’s rich academic program is further enhanced by the College’s excellent facilities, the application of new technology in many courses, and strong integration between academics and a vibrant co-curricular program.


For Assistance

Mr. Don Kawasoe
Head of Prep and Upper Schools
Extension 4000

Ms. Katherine Ridout
Director of University Counselling
Extension 2264

Mr. David Matthews
Associate Director of University Counselling
Extension 2260

Mr. Derek Poon
Head of Intermediate Division
Extension 3400

Mr. Scott Cowie
Head of Senior Division
Extension 3368

Dr. Julia Kinnear
Academic Dean
Extension 3365

Mr. Evan Williams
Dean of Students
Extension 3416

Mr. Andrew Turner
Director of Residential Life
Extension 2500

Ms. Mary Gauthier
Executive Director Richard Wernham & Julia West Centre for Learning 
Extension 2211