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A message from the head of Primary

Tom BabitsDear parents:

Fall term reports will be sent home tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 7). I hope that reviewing your son's report card is a positive and rewarding experience. Learning is a dynamic process through which each student moves at his own pace, and the report card is a means of providing parents with information on the progress of their child. This information is also useful for the student to reflect on his learning and formulate goals. Your son will complete a reflection page with you to assist with this.

Some students may be happy and keen to read their reports, while others may be anxious. Some boys become nervous about how their parents will react, sometimes because they fear they haven't met their parents’ expectations. Remember what Adam Cox said about the universal boy concern: "Am I a worthy son?"

I offer these suggestions to guide you through the process:

Choose a quiet, uninterrupted time with your son to review his report card and spend time reading it with him.
Look at the teachers’ comments (not simply the assessment rubric levels) and discuss strengths and areas that need improvement. Look at the expectations and discuss them with your son.

Discuss ways in which he can work toward improvement in specific areas.

Give him an opportunity to share his thoughts, concerns and challenges with you.

Congratulate your son for his effort.

Don't hesitate to contact your son’s form teacher or subject teachers if you have questions about his report card.

Finally, we want to build on character strengths that lead to success. Therefore, we shouldn't be judgmental in our reaction to the report card. This would be counter-productive for your son's learning. Instead, we should communicate with our son in a growth mindset way with a focus on practice, study, persistence and good strategies.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful, and I welcome any comments you may have.

IB PYP workshops on Jan. 22

PYPAre you new to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program?

Do you want to understand more and dig into the elements of the curriculum framework? If so, please plan to attend one of these coffee meeting/workshops:

Jan. 22, 8:15 to 9:30 a.m.

Jan. 22, 2 to 3:15 p.m.

Please email Dianne Jojic to indicate your plan to attend. Feel free to add questions that you may have about the IB PYP.

Holiday treats need to be nut-free

The holidays are here and with them come lots of yummy treats to share.

Many students and employees in the school have nut allergies and we try to provide an allergy-safe environment for all of these people. Please remember to bring only nut-free products into the school. Foods that are being brought into the school must state on the product labels that they're "nut-free."

All students with allergies are encouraged to take ownership for their own safety by:

  • Washing their hands before and after eating
  • Eating only foods which are safe and not sharing food with others
  • Inquiring about the preparation of foods outside their home
  • Reading food labels
  • Carrying their EpiPen at all times


Thank your for your co-operation.

Gina Suva
Prep registered nurse

Parking on campus on Dec. 7

Due to Festive Marketplace and other events scheduled on Friday, Dec. 7, there will be considerable traffic congestion on campus and very limited parking on grounds.

As is our regular practice, we've requested relief from parking tags assigned on this date. Should you receive a ticket, please contact Gareth Sayce at 416-488-1125, ext. 2224 within 48 hours of being tagged. Please respect our neighbours’ access to their driveway and leave extra time to arrive safely.

Name the moose


You may have noticed a new member of UCC around the school. The Prep Shop has just introduced a uniform moose wearing number one dress.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have a name, so Mrs. Cawker is holding a contest to name the moose. The winner will receive his very own, first-one-off-the-assembly line uniform moose.

Please submit names to Mrs. Cawker in the ballot box in the Prep Shop before Friday, Dec. 14. The winner will be announced at the last assembly before the break.

After school program on Dec. 20

The last day of school, Thursday, Dec. 20, is a half-day. Primary students are dismissed at 11:40 a.m.

After school program (ASP) supervision won't be available. Students should be picked up immediately after dismissal.

Regular ASP supervision will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Boys will attend theatre performance on Dec. 13


Boys in Forms SK, 1H, 2F, 4F and 4R will attend a performance of The True Story of Cinderella at the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre on the morning of Thursday, Dec. 13.

According to Cinderella's friends -- five rats named Ears, Teeth, Claws, Tail and Whiskers -- the story is much different. Cinderella yearns to go to the ball to dance the way her mom and dad once taught her, but Cinderella’s stepsisters have a different plan and don't want any competition in their quest to marry a prince. As the five rats tell the story in their own unique way, we discover that it takes hard work to make wishes come true for princesses, reluctant princes, selfish sisters and wistful rats. The show focuses on cooperation, empathy, teamwork and storytelling.

Boys will depart from the Prep at 9:30 a.m. and return for a late lunch. An approximate cost of $20 will be charged to each boy's account for the ticket and bus.

Take the UCC holiday concerts home

Download available:

Holiday Concerts Order Form 

Make your son's memories last forever by purchasing a DVD of the 2012 holiday concerts.

Don't miss out on important parts because you're juggling a camera. You can enjoy the concerts over and over again for a small price. Please see the above download for details.

Many thanks for your support.

Jody Howe

Prep Parents' Organization chair

Winter after school program club information

Downloads available:

ASP winter 2013 clubs schedule

SK-1 ASP club overviews winter 2013

SK-1 ASP club registration winter 2013


2-3 ASP club overviews winter 2013

2-3 ASP club registration winter 2013

4-5 ASP club overivews winter 2013

4-5 ASP club registration winter 2013


Winter term after school program (ASP) club information is here. Please see the downloads above for club overviews, a club schedule and a registration form.

ASP clubs begin on Friday, Jan. 11. Please register by Thursday, Jan. 10.

Debating update

This term has been very busy for all of the UCC debating teams and students from Forms 3 to 7 have worked on their skills through the club program.

Thank you to Lisa Fleming, Pina Porto and Karyn McCormack for leading the Primary clubs. Members of the Forms 6 and 7 teams hosted a social debate on Nov. 26. Girls from the Branksome Hall debating clubs formed co-ed teams with our UCC boys to determine whether or not outdoor education provides substantial learning opportunities. Our Middle Division debaters look forward to participating in the Colour House debating tournament (an opportunity to debate to earn house points) in January and February.

Hot lunch

Should you wish to add or remove your son from the hot lunch or milk/juice program for the term beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 8, please email Crystal Arruda by that date.

Limited number of Bluesopoly games available at Festive Marketplace

Don't miss out on this great holiday gift. A limited number of copies will be available at Festive Marketplace.

Skating party invitation

Download available:

 SK-7 Skating Party Invitation

Your sons will lace up their skates and get ready to have fun at the holiday skating parties jointly sponsored by the Prep and the Prep Parents' Organization.  

Please read the download above to find out when your son's class will skate.

Dec. 6 Primary assembly video

Enjoy the latest Primary assembly video here.