Association AGM 2011 Wrap-Up


All members of the UCC community were invited to attend the UCC Association annual general meeting and to hear the board of governors report to the community on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011.

Under discussion was the topic of what makes a world-class school even greater. A well-rounded program, high academic standards, a global perspective and a motivating environment are all critical factors that distinguish a world-class school from others, and ones that Upper Canada College has built its international reputation upon for the last 184 years. Based on those elements alone, UCC ranks among the most elite schools in the world — with one important difference.

Schools such as Andover, Eton and Exeter provide financial aid to 30 to 55 per cent of their students. We’re not even close to that, although we’ve taken the first steps.
• In 2011-12, we increased our overall number of students on financial assistance from six per cent to eight per cent, allocating a total of $2.1 million towards needs-based scholarships.
• Scholarship availability began in Grade 5 instead of Grade 7 last year.
We’re poised to make a giant leap forward. UCC’s strategic plan calls for a student body where 20 per cent of boys are scholarship recipients within the next few years. We’re looking for well-rounded boys who excel intellectually, artistically and athletically, but lack the financial means to attend the College. (Read more in the Sept. 14, 2011 issue of the Globe and Mail.)