Green School


UCC’s Facilities Department ensures our buildings and grounds meet the needs of the College’s academic, athletic and extra-curricular programs.

Its mission is to provide a safe, clean, environmentally sustainable learning experience for the entire College community, in an efficient and professional manner. The department operates as efficiently as possible, reducing the College’s "ecological footprint" by minimizing waste, recycling, and conserving water, electricity and natural gas.

In keeping with the Green School's goal of “learning it by living it,” Facilities Department staff also work with teachers, so that conservation and efficiency initiatives can be used as teaching tools. We want students to see how it all “works,” including building, water, energy and waste systems.

UCC also demonstrates the principles of green building design, such as those promoted by the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program and the Canada Green Building Council, when carrying out renovations and in new building construction.