Green School


How will you get involved in Green School activities?


Green Club: This after-school program for Grades 4 and 5 focuses on encouraging student awareness and action. Past projects have included an idle-free campus campaign and learning about winter birds. The Green Club also plants and cares for the Prep learning garden.

Eco-Ambassadors: This program for Grade 6 and 7 students develops leadership skills while encouraging responsible environmental practices in the classroom, such as correct recycling, use of vermi-composting, reuse of paper and minimizing waste. A pair of Eco-Ambassadors is assigned to track the progress of each classroom. Those that demonstrate environmental stewardship are recognized in assembly.


Green School Committee: This group organizes environmental activities that encourage students and faculty members to reduce UCC’s eco-footprint. For example, the committee runs the "Golden Broom" program, a weekly competition that inspires Upper School students to correctly use recycling bins, keep locker areas clean and maintain a green-minded attitude.

Solar Club: These students learn — from experts, the Internet, field trips and their peers — about renewable energy technologies. Current goals include building solar-powered cellphone chargers for the school, getting a solar-powered scoreboard for the new field, fundraising to put solar panels on the roof of the new arena and studying the feasibility of installing a demonstration wind turbine on campus.

Sustainability Steward: This position on the board of stewards allows senior students to demonstrate their leadership skills in this field, providing a voice for the student body on sustainable (environmental, social equity and economic) development issues affecting the College.

Other opportunities: Students may deepen their understanding and appreciation of environment and sustainability through programs such as Horizons and "Creativity, Action, Service."