PO (Parents' Organization)

Welcome to all new and returning Upper Canada College families. 

The community of UCC revolves around our boys, who are the main focus of every effort of the Upper School Parents’ Organization (PO) and of the Prep Parents’ Organization (PPO), which act as liaisons between faculty, staff, parents and students.

By default, every UCC parent already belongs to their respective parents’ organization. And on behalf of the PO, it's my pleasure to invite each of you to become an active participant in our community.

The opportunities for volunteering are endless and your experience can be tailored to your availability and your unique talents or interests. All we need is you. Your presence will enhance your son’s experience at the College and your participation will lead to a better understanding of the school environment. I can promise that you'll be rewarded with many personal connections and lasting friendships with kindred spirits.

You can find complete descriptions of volunteer opportunities in this section of the UCC website. To get involved, simply complete the online volunteer form or email the PO volunteer coordinator for more details. Please be sure to visit the "Events" section of this website regularly to find out about important school dates, ongoing events and chances to participate or volunteer.

Heads Up is a weekly electronic newsletter which will be the primary and official source of information for parents within the UCC community. If you're willing to accept just one piece of advice ... my recommendation would be to read Heads Up every week. This will keep you in the know about all things UCC and about your boy(s).

The PO parent network committee also provides parents with a forum to communicate and receive news and information. The parent network may contact parents throughout the year with new information or reminders, and also helps year representatives and house reps to organize parent social events for their sons’ respective years.

Many different acronyms may create confusion, but the reality is very simple: PO, PPO, ABC and BBC are all organic parts of UCC which work in unison with the single goal of making UCC the most fulfilling place for our boys to attend school and become tomorrow’s leaders and great men. 

Warmest regards,

Barbara Bottini
Parents’ Organization president 2014-15


 2013-14 PO photo

 Nuit Bleue 2014 – UCC’s Spring Arts Festival

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”

 - Émile Zola

UCC celebrated its annual Nuit Bleue, a showcase of the arts, on April 10.

The excitement and festivities began and ended in Laidlaw Hall. Things kicked off with the "Battle of the Bands" and culminated with a spectacular concert finale featuring all the music ensembles from the Upper School. The "space between the notes" illustrated the breadth and depth of the arts program at UCC and included displays and performances in theatre, visual arts, film, literature and languages, as well as the verbal arts of Model United Nations, Ontario Model Parliament and debating.

Noche Azul Café was the ideal spot to relax with the tastes and sounds of Argentina, while The Bleue Grind offered the experience of a literary coffee house. The student centre was a bustle of activity all evening long with IB2 visual art displays, plenty of food and Aramark’s traditional “blue drink.” A highlight was delicious ice cream that was generously provided by Greg’s Ice Cream. The Bleue Zone student lounge provided a spot to put your feet up, chat with friends and enjoy a snack while listening to UCC’s DJ Club.

Congratulations to the arts faculty and the boys for their hard work and incredible achievements.

A very large thank you goes to all the ABC and PO volunteers, as well as the UCC staff that made this large-scale and complex event a reality.

The evening was truly spectacular and reminded the community that the collective arts program is alive and thriving at UCC. Please click on this link to enjoy some photos of Nuit Bleue 2014.