Prep Parents' Organization (PPO)

On behalf of the Prep Parents’ Organization (PPO), I would like to begin with a warm welcome to all new and returning Prep families. Our role is to support faculty, staff, parents and students. We organize events that help shape the spirit and character of UCC during the school year. Our expansive calendar provides many volunteer opportunities to suit your personal interests and schedule.

This summer, when you received your Prep Family Handbook, you also received your PPO Volunteer Handbook. It lists volunteer opportunities and the current parent volunteers on the Parents' Organization Advisory Council (Upper School) and the PPO committee. We invite you to complete the response form provided and indicate your areas of interest.

By contributing your unique abilities and talents, you will enrich the lives of all UCC boys. Students are the direct beneficiaries of the dedication and devotion of every volunteer. In addition, your involvement will instill a sense of community service in our sons.

Please be sure to visit the Events section of this website regularly. It provides school dates and ongoing events.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead and to meeting/seeing your son. Please join us in celebrating our community spirit.

Laurel Linetsky-Fleisher
Prep Parents’ Organization chair 2013-14

Laurel Fleisher