The Action activities promote sportsmanship, co-operation and physical fitness contributing to a healthy lifestyle. These are some UCC clubs involving action:


Mountain Biking
Outdoor Education
Strength and Fitness 
Table Tennis



UCC is proud that its athletics program is one of the largest in Canada, with excellent indoor and outdoor facilities. With year-round opportunities for daily physical fitness, UCC's programs promote the physical well-being and social-emotional growth of our students.
In addition to its competitive athletics program, UCC has an extensive intramural program with sports including basketball, volleyball, track and field and badminton. In this program, teams or "Houses" compete in leagues of both team and individual sports.

CAS - Action




Lorne Young
Director of CAS
416-488-1125 ext. 3411

Betty Lulseged
CAS Administrative Assistant
416-488-1125  ext. 3809