Norval Outdoor Education Centre


Part of our core offerings since 1939, the 430-acre Norval Outdoor School is one of Ontario’s oldest outdoor education centres. Eco-advocates talk about urban kids having a “nature deficit.” No chance of that here.

In Senior Kindergarten, boys make the 45-minute drive to Norval. Those day trips turn into overnight stays in Grade 2 through to Grade 9, totaling 11 weeks of local wilderness learning. You’ve heard of their adventures, including growing plants, rediscovering pioneer skills or gathering sap to make maple syrup. There’s also a chance to spend unstructured (supervised) time playing. Every student in Grade 4 and Grade 6 goes skiing and snowshoeing on the property. And IB1 and IB2 visit Norval occasionally when there is an opportunity to combine curriculum in the outdoors.

It’s hard to imagine the incredible effect that nature has on learning. That is why Norval offers five open houses throughout the year for the community to witness outdoor education in action. You’re invited to participate in exciting and fun seasonal programming such as apple cider pressing or a spring wildflower excursion. Just watch for upcoming Norval news in our e-communications.