Dramatic Arts


At the Upper School, drama and theatre form a dynamic, stimulating and rewarding program that prepares boys to be participants, creators and critics of theatre. Movement, trust and improvisation exercises, along with acting theory, theatrical design, theatre history and approaches to and interpretations of scripts, create a strong base.

Thespian arts run deep at UCC. The school has enjoyed a long history of successful theatre productions for a number of reasons:

  • UCC still stages classical plays. A lot of schools have moved away from this art form.
  • The extra-curricular theatre program at UCC is fully co-curricular, run in partnership with girls’ school Bishop Strachan School (BSS) from Year 1 through to IB2 (Grades 8 to 11)
  • Students don’t just act or work behind the scenes of a show. They even get the opportunity to direct the shows (with some faculty support, of course).


There are opportunities for students as: actors; set, stage, costume, lighting and sound designers; stage managers; and other roles.

UCC has well-equipped theatre performance venues, the David Chu Theatre and a lecture theatre for smaller productions. An extensive collection of costumes and props helps inspire students, who also have opportunities to work with theatre professionals.

Grade 1 boys both created and performed a production called It’s All About Poo last year, while the musical The Adventures of Tom Sawyer involved boys from Grades 4 to 7. The Forced Marriage and The Battle of UCC and the Olympians were other theatre productions at the Prep in 2011–12.

The 2011-2012 production season at the Upper School featured: the artists in residence musical experiment Not Wanted on the Voyage; a charming version of The Glass Menagerie; the all-verse but action-packed King Richard II; After Juliet, which explained what happened to the Capulets and Montagues after Romeo and Juliet died; the thought-provoking Lord of the Flies; and two student-directed plays, Electra and This is Our Youth.