Tuition and Fees

The information below applies to the 2014-2015 school year.

Application Fee – New Applicants Only*
Day Students

Before Nov. 1: $150
Nov. 1 to Dec. 7: $200
After Dec. 7: Late applications are accepted on an individual basis and are subject to a late application fee of $300.
Boarding Students

Initial Registration Fee - New Students Only*
New day students: $8,500
New boarding students: $5,000

* The application fee and initial registration fee are non-refundable and are in addition to any tuition and boarding fees.

Tuition Fees
– Day Students
Senior Kindergarten to Foundation Year: $29,950
IB1 and IB2: $32,950

Tuition and Boarding Fees Boarding Students
Domestic pre-IB: $53,440
Domestic IB1 and IB2: $56,440
International* pre-IB: $56,940
International IB1 and IB2: $59,940

*International boarding students are those who don't hold a Canadian passport, irrespective of their country of residency. All boarders holding a Canadian passport will follow the domestic fee schedule.

Annual Registration 
Registration is required annually for all students to reserve placement for September. Re-registration agreements for September 2014 are available in January.


There are a number of additional expenses billed by the school — including some which are mandatory, such as uniforms and the laptop lease — that are not included with tuition. We've prepared the below guides in an effort to help you plan for your son's education rather than as an accurate forecast of all additional costs. Please contact the office of admission if you have any questions.
Incidental Charges (Upper)
Incidental Charges (Prep)

Additional Support
Tuition fees only cover 78 per cent of a UCC education. In order to bridge the gap and offer our boys a world-class educational experience, we primarily rely on the generosity of past and present members of the UCC community. Visit the UCC Fund page for more details.